Look Out for These Major Siding Contractor Red Flags

Choosing the right contractor is critical to ensuring the success of your siding installation or repair project. However, not all contractors are created equal, and it’s important to remain vigilant to avoid hiring an unqualified team. In this blog post, Pressure Point Roofing, Inc., discusses the signs a prospective siding contractor isn’t the best choice…


The Importance of House Wraps

Not a lot of homeowners are aware of what house wraps are and how they function. Our team gets often asked about them, especially when they have their new siding installed. One particular question even revolves around whether or not they’re necessary.


Siding Profiles: Which Type Is the Best One for My Home?

Choosing the right kind of siding for your home is tricky, but there’s a way of making it easier. Certain types of siding are more suited to certain architectural styles. Here’s an overview of the most popular types of vinyl siding below.