What Are the Pros and Cons of a Roof-Over?

You can choose between a complete tear-off or a roof-over when it comes to old asphalt shingles. When layering over the old roofing, the installer simply places the new shingles over the existing ones. One the other hand, with a total tear-off, your contractor removes the old shingles before installing your new roof.


3 Red Flags to Watch Out for When Hiring a Siding Contractor

It’s crucial to find siding contractors that you can trust. That’s why you should be thorough in checking their qualifications and ensuring they’re the right match for you.


How to Prevent Roof Condensation

Roof condensation is generally considered a tricky problem. It often looks like a leak, with “sweating” walls and running water inside your home. But when you look for the source, it’s likely that you won’t find any physical damage to your roof.


The 4 Telltale Signs That Your Roof Needs to Be Repaired

Asphalt is the most popular roofing material in the country due to its affordability, durability and wide range of colors and styles. However, as time goes by and if the proper roofing maintenance procedures aren’t taken, your roofing system will need repairs. Homeowners like yourself will simply need to be on the lookout for the…


How Money Can Buy Homeowners Happiness and Satisfaction

At some point in your life, you’ve likely heard the phrase that “money can’t buy happiness”. This is true to some extent; after all, money can’t buy you emotional or familial security. Surprisingly enough, however, researchers have recently published a study that shows that it is possible for money to buy homeowners such as yourself…


Duro-Last® Single-Ply Roofing Membrane: Features & Benefits

Duro-Last® single-ply PVC commercial roofing system works well with all flat or low-sloped roofs. Only authorized contractors like Pressure Point Roofing, Inc. can install this roofing product. Moreover, your roofer can easily install it without affecting building operations.


Roof Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

While the roof is a significant investment, it can be one of the most neglected areas of a building. Regular roof maintenance will help ensure your commercial property is protected against weather extremes. It will also save you on costly repair bills.


Skylights: Key Factors You Need to Consider

Skylights can beautify your home, but there are some drawbacks to them. Here are some things you should consider before installing a skylight.


Siding Profiles: Which Type Is the Best One for My Home?

Choosing the right kind of siding for your home is tricky, but there’s a way of making it easier. Certain types of siding are more suited to certain architectural styles. Here’s an overview of the most popular types of vinyl siding below.


Things to Consider Before Screening in Your Deck or Porch

Porches and decks are great additions to any home. If you’re thinking about adding screens to a porch or deck that you already have, here are some things top-rated residential roofing and construction services company, Pressure Point Roofing, Inc., suggests you consider.